Body Weight Only Training


This option is ideal for a certain type of client. If you are  someone who is just  starting on a fitness journey and have very little training experience, this can be ideal for you.

It will teach you the basics of  movements and exercises.

This option is also brilliant for  kids between 8-14 years old. 

Functional  Training


If you have training experience and access to functional training equipment, this is the program for you.

I will program  strength , stamina and explosive workouts for you. 

This option is also more personal, as I will require a list of the equipment you have available so that I can make this  program just right for you.

Strength & Functional Training Combination.

You will need to have a good foundation to be part of this program.  This program sets you up with a weight lifting program, with set goals and testing, in addition to the full functional training program.