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how does the challenge work?

Every year a group of 6 of us decide to do a crazy challenge.  In 2019  we did a 24 hr rowing challenge that was a fundraising event to help the gym extend its roof.  In 2020 we did a 24 hr burpee challenge, but due to covid we did not do any fundraising. WE DID IT FOR FUN!

This year we are really taking it up a level as this challenge will be the least amount of rest that we get  in between jumping intervals.. 

-So each pair will have 10 min to get a minimum of 205 box jumps.  

-The pair will only have 20 min to rest before they are back on the box again to get their minimum 205 jumps again!


 At first this might sound doable, and not so crazy....until you realize that each member of the 6 man team will have to do a minimum of 5,000 box jumps in order for us to achieve our goal!

what's the fundraising for?

 As many of you know weightlifting is not a very lucrative sport and when it comes to traveling overseas for competitions it is up the the athlete to find a way to get there.

I have been very fortunate to have had the time to put into my training  so that I could reach the level of the sport where I can represent my country.  This is a massive deal for me and I have to try anything and everything to get myself there. 

I would appreciate any contribution to help me get to the Masters weightlifting championships in Orlando, 2022. 

 Thank you so much for taking the time to check out  our challenge, and for any donations. 

    Nick Gindre

    Head Coach


I have added a payfast donation portal below that makes is very easy and fast for anyone to make a contribution to my trip to Masters Weightlifting world championships. 

Also I have added the bank details for anyone that would prefer to make a payment via eft instead of using the payment portal.

When it comes to fundraising every little helps a massive amount, so thank you very much for your contribution and for helping me get that little bit closer to my goal!


Standard Bank

Nicolas Gindre

25 681 388 4